London, England

Bio: After spending the last two years living in South Korea as a Fulbright Fellow, I moved to London to pursue graduate work in International Relations. Prior to completing my master's degree, I returned to the states and am currently working as at my undergraduate university in student development. Certainly no one experience could partition the chapter of my life that has just ended and the one waiting to begin. On one hand, this is a new life. A distinct adventure and divergent path. Yet, everything I have done in my past has influenced today. I am invariably, beautifully, falteringly a product of my past. For the last four years I have lived in Taiwan, Japan, and Korea. I have eaten spicy, indiscernible morsels, lived with home stay families, played mahjong and drank tea with my 'dad' until the early hours of the morning, studied languages, built friendships and formed connections with others. I am passionate about international affairs and understanding how history has shaped the present. Yet, in the experiences I have had studying, traveling and working abroad, I also developed a strong interest in working with students. That is in part what led me to where I am today. In my free time, I enjoy biking, yoga, cooking, reading, spending time with my family, drinking good coffee and wine, playing music and embracing the moment.

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